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October 31st, 2003

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07:48 pm - Happy Halloween Week!
Hello, everyone!

As promised, here's the first of our new weekly updates.

Click here for a complete listing of this week's new releases.

First: COMICS!

It was a pretty slow week for comics, coming at the end of a 'five Wednesday month', but we've yet to have a week without something worth recommending, so click below for out first listing of comics worth looking at.

As always, new comics arrive every week on Wednesday, barring Holidays, with restocks coming in every week on Friday.

FLCL Volume 2 The second book in the 2-book manga translation of the immensely popular anime series. $9.99 from Tokyopop.

Essential Tomb of Dracula Marvel finally releases the classic Black & White horror classics by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan is a hefty but inexpensive B&W volume. Weighs in at a whopping 27 issues of continuity for just $14.99, and includes the first appearances of Blade and Hannibal King, Vampire Detective, as well as Drac's epic battle with the "Werewolf by Night'. From Marvel comics.

Strangers in Paradise Sourcebook The definitive guide to the SiP series, this sourcebook has everything you need to get up to speed: character bios, timelines, a complete chronology, a song/poem index for the series, and, of course, cleavage. $2.95 from Abstract Studios.

Tezuka's Buddha Volume 1 Hardcover One of the preeminent manga creators of his generation, Tezuka created Astro Boy and has been referred to as the 'Kurosawa of manga'. This epic story interweaves the traditional histories of the Buddha with several original characters, and is appropriately reverent, humorous, and entertaining as befits this master of the genre. These volumes are being published in English for the first time in HC. $24.95 each in B&W.

Terra Obscura #5 of 6 Alan Moore's take on the masked men of the classic pulps, it captures the strange mix of progress and stagnation that typified the late 50s and early 60s while mining his considerable skill with the superhero genre. All the issues are currently still in print and available. The stories spin-off from the classic 'Tom Strange' stories in Moore's pulp hero comic Tom Strong, but pack considerably more narrative punch than the relatively lightweight TS stories. $2.95 each from Wildstorm/DC comics.

This week's 'Missed Myth':

Planetes Volume 1 For those who may not look too closely at the manga section, but are fans of serious and well-written science fiction, this is definitely worth a look. It is the story of the crew of a debris-hauling ship in low-Earth orbit and the trials and tribulations of its 3-person crew. It's a comic in which science and engineering matter without being fetishized, where the characters are all competent but each flawed in their own way, where a new world that has grown very logically form our own is slowly revealed as the story unfolds. It captures the sense of wonder that lingers despite the daily grind of menial work in space, and the underlying current of sudden catastrophe that lurks in every task in such an extreme environment. Highly, highly recommended, particularly for non-manga readers. $9.99 from Tokyopop.

We just don't have the space to mention every book we'd like every week, so please feel free to comment on anything you may have enjoyed that you don't see listed here!

And, of course : GAMES!

Gamma World from White Wolf fro d20. White Wolf goes 'Back to the future' for this update to the classic post-apocalypse RPG. Play as a mutant, intelligent animal, or pure strain human, and explore the Brave new World created from any number of potential disasters. $34.95 in Hardcover.

Spycraft: 1960's Decade Book Yeah, baby! Swing through the Cold War with this d20 sourcebook for the Spycraft espionage RPG. New prestige classes, skills, feats, and campaign ideas for adventures ranging from campy to deadly serious. $26.95 from Alderac Entertainment Group.

Pirate's Cove The new board game of seafarin' adventure from Days of Wonder, manufacturers of the wonderful Mystery in the Abbey board game. Captains battle for the right to plunder and become the most famous pirate on the 7 seas! Fro 3-5 players aged 8+. $49.99 from Days of Wonder.

NOTE: We have a store demo copy of Pirate's Cove from DoW! Please stop by on one of our Saturday Board Game nights (1st and 3rd Saturday of every month at 7:00 PM) to check it out.

Marvel Universe RPG: Guide to the Hulk and the Avengers A hardcover sourcebook covering the Hulk and supporting cast, as well as Earth's mightiest superteam, the Avengers. Expand your game options with new skills and powers, plus rules for synthezoids like the Vision and new alien races. Also included is a full 3-issue time-traveling adventure perfect for the Avengers themselves or your own home-grown superteam. $19.99 in hardcover and full color.

Draconomicon for Dungeons & Dragons. The long-awaited 3.5 sourcebook for all things 'draconic' in the official D&D game world. With exhaustive descriptions of the life, lairs, and legends of every 'true' dragon type. ideas for integrating these legendary monsters into your campaigns, and the most beautiful artwork of any D&D sourcebook to date. Indispensable for any serious Dungeon master. $39.95 in hardcover. from TSR/WoTC.

This week's Missed Myth:

Monsters of the Boundless Blue, monster book of undersea creatures for d20. Goodman Games series of monster books are unlike most other d20 works: with exotic artwork and an ecology-centered description style, they're useful for any fantasy RPG that needs interesting, fully-realized monsters that have lives outside of just trying to eat the party. Stat blocks are off to the side in the margins, allowing the creatures themselves to take center stage, and the back-cover 'Barlowe's Guide' style size comparison silhouettes are a thing of genius. RECOMMENDED! $18.00 in paperback.

We've also got plenty of INDY heroclix boosters and starters, the new Dungeons & Dragons CMG starters, boosters and complete HC rulebook, the new Lord of the Rings CMG, and Mirrodin, the most recent Magic expansion.

We just don't have the space to mention every game we'd like every week, so please feel free to comment on anything you may have enjoyed that you don't see listed here!

And, finally, click here to check out our full current schedule of events.

We have gift certificates for Lahri Bond's comic book art classes that will start in January (total fee: $150.00, payable at the store by cash, check or Visa/MasterCard). Please call or stop by for more details or to purchase a seat in the class. Slots are limited, so sign up early to assure a place!

Happy Halloween! See you at the store.

-Jim Crocker, Manager
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Date:November 4th, 2003 06:33 am (UTC)

Nice work...

Jim, I hadn't noticed that you had a blog before (or did and forgot) but it looks nice. Glad to see you updating it again. Just to let you know, I gave you a little plug in my blog. =)


[User Picture]
Date:November 5th, 2003 08:33 pm (UTC)

Re: Nice work...

Thanks for the plug, Shawn!

More tomorrow when I get in to the store. It was a pretty good week for comics this week.

-Jim C.

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